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Brand Introduction
Broadcom Corporation (Broadcom Corp) is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions for broadband communications and networking of voice, video, and data services. The company is committed to designing, developing and supplying full system on chip (SoC) solutions using digital, analog, and radio frequency (RF) technology, and related hardware and software system level applications. The diversified product portfolio for each major broadband communications market, and includes a digital cable and satellite set-top box, high-definition television (HDTV), and DSL (digital subscriber line cable modem) and residential gateway, high-speed transmission and local exchange, Metro, wide area and storage network, family and wireless networks, cellular and satellite wireless communication IP (VoIP), voice gateway and telephone system, broadband network and security processor and system I/O server solutions.
Product Series
Data communication, Ethernet chip, RF and wireless, sensor, IC, wireless module
Application Areas
Communication / network
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Broadcom Relevant Information:
Sina Technology News Beijing time on June 8th, Reuters reported that Broadcom Corp released its second quarter financial report for fiscal 2018 as of May 6th, according to Reuters. According to the financial report, according to the US general accounting standards (GAAP), its quarterly profit is higher than that of Wall Street. Because the profit of Bo Tong's network chips and data center storage solutions has risen, it has made up for the loss of its short board, the decline in the profit of wireless business.
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