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Brand Introduction
Eon Silicon Solution Inc (EON SILICON SOLUTION INC) is a professional IC design company, the main product line for the 512K~256M NOR flash memory products (NOR Flash). R & D capabilities, long-term stability and international cooperation across the board has wafer manufacturers, production of 0.13um and 90nm technology, is currently developing the manufacturing process of 65nm, and continue to expand the product line breadth and depth of application, the quality and specifications comparable to international companies. We are actively expanding the management team of R&D, AE, PE, TE, production, marketing and other talents, while planning matters listed, to create the largest operating results of shareholders and employees interests, and as the "Eon" brand image, establish a vision for sustainable management.
Product Series
Microprocessors, NOR, Flash, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks
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