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Jade Sky Technologies(JST)

Name:Jade Sky Technologies(JST)


Brand Introduction
Jade Sky Technologies (JST) was founded in 2010 by Silicon Valley, a group of experienced power IC and power system designers. In 2010, as an electrical engineer and professional market in mind, early adopters and energy-saving emission reduction technology of true believers - JST founder has been looking for a solid state lighting (SSL) changes, a simpler and more convenient and more environmentally friendly enough change. When they looked at in front of the LED bulb. Thinking about the market plan about it and solve the problem of price trends, too much attention is printed on the package good LED lighting on the packaging of a a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem has emerged: how many engineers do to change this LED bulb! Thus, the JST team's final decision was born: simple and easy to bring to all LED consumers. It is possible to make the LED light bulb a real LED light bulb with high performance price ratio, fully compatible and well regulated. A light bulb that anyone can buy and change without the need for multiple engineering degrees and consulting sites! JST has brought a series of revolutions for the market, and used in various forms of SSL applications, LED driver IC is possible
Product Series
Transistors: IGBT transistors, MOSFET transistors
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks
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