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Brand Introduction
Kistler-Morse & Co. designs and produces patch and pressure weighing sensors that can be converted into weighing systems, providing bulk weighing solutions for bulk inventory and process applications. In addition, we also provide a display system which is used to build a weighing system, and a stock management solution that can merge all the information and data into a single location, so as to achieve better material inventory management. Kistler-Morse has global distribution channels and has trained sales representatives in 40 countries worldwide. Kistler-Morse is committed to the development of customized solutions to meet the needs of today's customers, while also focusing on flexibility, to meet customer needs in the future. Kistler-Morse company was founded in Seattle, Washington, on 1997 by the Danaher Group acquisition, now located in Spartanburg City, South carolina. Kistler-Morse is the measurement of brand and Danaher subsidiary.
Product Series
Weight transmitter, large tonnage weighing module, wireless communication module, weighing sensor, ultrasonic level meter etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / automated energy / reconnaissance
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