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Brand Introduction
Shenzhen microgate Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 2001, in 2012 listed in Shenzhen gem (stock code 300319), is a private high-tech enterprise, is committed to become the leading manufacturer of Pan Asian passive electronic components. We set up factories in Guanlan City, Shenzhen, the main manufacturing equipment imported from the United States, Germany, Japan, has many high-quality R & D and engineering personnel, is committed to design, research and development and technical support. Powerful regional networks and human resources make us the most trusted supplier of the world's most trusted manufacturers. Products include LTCC RF devices, SMD inductors series, EMI/EMC devices, power inductors series, mobile phone antenna.
Product Series
RF devices, SMD inductors, EMI/EMC devices, power inductors,
Application Areas
Consumer electronics / network traffic / cars
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