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Montage Technology

Name:Montage Technology


Brand Introduction
Montage Technology, the world's leading provider of analog and mixed signal chips, is currently focused on providing chip based solutions for the home entertainment and cloud computing market. In the field of home entertainment, with its own technology platform, Montage provides set-top box customers with high integration chip solutions, in which the software program is customized for customers. These solutions optimize the signal processing capability of set-top boxes, especially for the severe operating environment in emerging markets. In the field of cloud computing, Montage is committed to providing high-performance, low-power memory interface solutions to meet the memory intensive server application needs. By virtue of their technological platforms, Montage can realize the continuous innovation, rapid and efficient product design and development, has introduced a more optimal solutions to meet the customer needs to have.
Product Series
Decoder SoC chip, single-chip receiver, memory interface chip and Solutions
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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