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Weida Hi-tech

Name:Weida Hi-tech


Brand Introduction
Weida Hi-tech (ICP Tech) was founded in 2010, the company focused on high complex IC design of digital front-end analog front-end, the products are mainly for touch panel control IC, including In-cell, small panel tablet and notebook computer touch panel integrated chip, and touch film group. Weida fully demonstrated the advantages of international hi tech, Taiwan quality and use mental capital, complete integration of Taiwan high-tech industry chain, together with the adjacent production base of the geographical advantages, to provide customers with excellent products, instant service. With the Swiss Advanced Silicon SA strategic partners in close cooperation in product and technology, will be used as sophisticated high technology aerospace, defense and medical treatment, through Asia as the world's factory production technology bottleneck environment breakthrough, the conversion in the daily 3C products, so that the majority of consumers reflect the high-tech to provide convenient and comfortable and modern life quality. In addition to the current development of hi tech Weida standard IC products (ASSP), and cooperate closely with customers, developing customized IC (ASIC).
Product Series
Touch panel control IC
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, communications / networks
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